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Established 1947, our company has been manufacturing underwater camera housings since 1969

Founded 1947 near Munich, Germany, we are a family-owned company that has a long history of producing accessories for photo and film-cameras. In 1970, over 40 years ago, we invented and started manufacturing flexible protective housings and capes for photo-, film and since 1980 also for video cameras .
We have a world wide reputation for high quality products and everything bearing the ewa-marine name is quality "made in Germany". All products are developed and then hand made in our factory in Wolfratshausen, about 30 km or 20 miles south off Munich in Bavaria. Each unit is subjected to a series of stringent tests before leaving the factory.
The range of ewa-marine flexible housings offers solutions for most photo- (conventional and digital), film- and video-cameras available today (and in the past). We can offer you a product to suit your camera, whether its a simple 35mm snap shot camera or a high cost middle format photo or even a tv-camera.
Our present range covers the following products:

  • video-camcorders
  • SLR-cameras (AF and manual)
  • compact-cameras
  • film- and tv-cameras
  • mobile phones
  • VFH- and UHF -radios
  • documents, maps etc.

The flexible housings are 100% water proof and designed to cope with water (including salt or sea water), sand, dust and other nasty conditions, while allowing you to safely operate the equipment at the same time.
The range of ewa-marine capes (or as they are sometimes called: hurricane hoods) and the under water housings provide the solution to protect your valuable equipment in all sorts of nasty weather conditions. And as a bonus, the housings combined with your very own camera allow you to explore the fascinating and colourful underwater world, because they are fully submergible and absolutely watertight.

ewa-marine factory Germany
The plastic comes to the factory on rolls
ewa-marine underwater housing are test in the factory
every housing is tested before shipping