ewa-marine accessories

camera adapters, weights and maintenance products


Different cameras require different accessories to allow you to make high quality underwater film or photos. 

Adapter AV110 For lenses that extend during the focus process.
Maximum lens diameter 82mm. Best fits the SF90 port.
Adapter CA Comes in three versions. Do fit the SF80, SF90 or SF100 front ports.
Please select the one for your housings front port, as they are not interchangeable.
They come in the "normal" filter thread sizes. If there is a gap between the adapter size and your lens filter thread, use a Step-Up-Ring.
Step-Up-Rings To ensure that the lens not supported by the ewa-marine CA Adapters can be fixed into the housing.  camera to lens Step-Up ring
Lead Weight BF1 Lead weight to compensate buoyancy. Fits all U-A.. and U-B.. series dSLR housings (With the exception of the U-BF.. subseries)  ewa-marine BF1
Lead Weight BV2 Lead weight to compensate buoyancy. For video housings as well as U-AXP and U-BXP dSLR housings.  BV2_100x75
Lead Weight BS7 Soft lead shot in a textile bag as weight to compensate buoyancy.  BS7-100x75
Desiccant CD5 Also called "Camera-Dry", these re-usable silica gel sachets, with colour indicator, prevent the formation of condensation inside the housing.  CD5_100x75
Cable Exit To get control, power, picture and or sound out from the closed housing  cableexit-100x75
Tripod-Connector  To connect the sealed housing and camera onto a tripod, crane or other fixture.  tripodmount-100x75
Zoom Extension Extends the maximum Zoom length in our compact camera housings by 10mm.
Fits 3D-M, 3D-L, D-CP1 and D-CP2
Custom Front Port Is your exchangeable lens too long or too short for one of standard housings? We can help you.  extended port
SF100 Front Port New, larger diameter lenses might require you to upgrade your housing to a larger diameter front port. The SF100 will take lenses with 77m or 82mm filter threads.  ewa-marine SF100 front port