ewa-marine rain capes for video cameras / camcorders

The weather doesn't always do what we want it to do. And unfortunately many events in life don't have a good weather guarantee. So what are you going to do, if the sporting event your kids are at, is rained out? The wedding? That great outdoor experience with that up once-in-a-lifetime game spotting? You'll want to capture it on video nonetheless. And that's where ewa-marine comes into the game. Just use one of our camcorder rain capes!.

Our range of video rain capes, also often referred to as ewa-marine "Hurricane Hoods", are available in the following versions:

model discription
VC-1S Small video cape with flap for monitor
VC-1M Medium video cape with flap for monitor
VC-1L Large video cape with flap for monitor
VC-300 Special rain cape for Canon EOS C300 and C300PL
VC-FX Special cape for Sony FX1 and Z1
VC-P2 Special cape for Panasonic AG-HVX200  (discontinued)
VC-PC Cape for Sony PC range and similar  (discontinued)
VC-PC100 larger camcorders of the PC range  (discontinued)
VC-PD150 Special cape for Sony PD150 and PD17 incl. mike and flap for monitor  (discontinued)
VC-XF1 Special cape for Canon XF100 and Canon XF105  (discontinued)
VC-XL Special cape for Canon XL1, replaced by VC-XL2 in 2006  (discontinued)
VC-XL2 Special cape for Canon XL1, XL2 and HD1  (discontinued)
VC-XM Special cape for Canon XM1  (discontinued)
VC-1000 Special cape for Sony VX1000 and Panasonic DVX100  (discontinued)
VC-2000 Special cape for Sony VX2000 and 2100  (discontinued)
VC-M camcorders < 21 cm  (discontinued)
VC-MC camcorders 22 - 28 cm  (discontinued)
VC-S camcorders 28 - 35 cm  (discontinued)
VC-L shoulder camcorders 36 - 50 cm  (discontinued)



made in Germany by ewa-marine