ewa-marine DUS range of waterproof pouches

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ewa-marine DUS waterproof pouchThe ewa-marine DUS is the ideal protection for documents, passports, airline tickets, money, calculators, GPS, organisers and a lot more. The proven ewa-marine closing rail (as used to close the under water housings for expensive television cameras) allows for safe and easy opening and closing of the pouch.

The standard lanyard of the pouch allows for easy and safe carrying and storage.

Ideal for scuba divers who don't want to leave valuables unattended on board or on the beach. Naturally it also offers the ideal enclosure for maps, note pads and a lot more.

Altough we ourselfs only tested the DUS to 100m / 300 ft, professional clients have reported use at a depth of up to 300 m / 1.000 ft! (Please note that the contents has to be pressure resistant once all the air inside the pouch has been pressed into the content)

ewa-marine DUS pouch


Model dimensions name
DUS1 16 x 12 cm Beeper DIN A6
DUS2 16 x 22 cm Water Wallet DIN A5
DUS3 22 x 29 cm Electronics / Strobe DIN A4
DUS4 30 x 42 cm Magnum DIN A3
DUS5 37 x 50 cm Nautic Map