ewa-marine SF100, large diameter front port
ewa-marine SF100, large diameter front port
made in Germany by ewa-marine
made with optical grade glass port

ewa-marine SF100 large diameter front port

The SF100 allows the use of large lenses with 77mm or 82mm filter thread

order code: SF100

Generally, we design the housings to suit the majority of the camera configurations it is laid out for. So some housings will ship ex factory with our SF90 front port. This port allows for a maximum photo thread of 72 mm.

But, especially with SLR and system cameras, some uses prefer using larger diameter lenses then the maximum 72mm filter thread the SF90 will acccept.

Should you want to use lenses what 77 mm or 82 mm filter thread in a housing that is supplied ex factory with our SF90 front port, then you have to order a special SF100 version of the housing. These special versions have to be individually made for you in the factory in Germany. Unfortunately this can lead hey delay, depending on your location.

If no extra details are specified in the order, all SF 100 modified housings are shipped with a CA82 adapter to allow for the use of 82 filter thread. Naturally you could also order a reduction adapter, like our RA77-82 to fit the 77mm filter thread to the CA82.

We have tested the SF 100 with a full frame Canon EOS 5D and where able to use focal length down to 17 mm without vignetting (i.e. without seeing the front port in the corners of the picture). Similar results can be achieved what other, similar camera lens combinations. The exact focal length achievable could differ slightly. If you are not using a full frame camera, you can't expect to be able to use even smaller and focal lengths.

Please contact your local dealer, distributor or call the factory for more details on how to order.

Additional information:

The designation 90 or 100 in the code SF90 and SF100 respectively refers to the diameter of the glass in the front port. The SF100 has a physical glass diameter of 100 mm. Due to the fact, that the frame and o-ring of the front port covers up some of the glass the full diameter is not usable for photography allowing a maximum of 82 mm filter thread in this port.