TVC-1 Hurrican Hood in action in the rain
ewa-marine TVC rain cape / "Hurrican Hood"

TVC1 rain cape
our "Hurricane Hood"

ENG-Camera rain cape for extreme weather conditions

order code: TVC-1 (in gray)

For those situations where you do not want or need a hermetically sealed, protective housing , we can supply you with the ewa-marine rain cape, or as some people call it, the "hurricane hood". No stitches and no seams to let the moisture in, we join each seam by a strong HF-welding. We have even protected the lens with a removable optical glass.The ideal protection against rain and spray while allowing free access to the camera.

  • All functions of the camera can be operated either from outside or by inserting the hands into the hood from below.
  • The material is absolutely water tight and, with the exception of the transparent sections, is fibre reinforced.
  • The recommended operating temperature is between -18º C and +70º C. (0º F to 158º F)
  • The joins are not stitched, but welded in the same high frequency machinery as our regular protective housings.
  • The lens is secured to the hood by means of our special adapter system, so there is no chance of the hood moving over the lens. Adapters are supplied with the cape for Ø 77, 82 and 95mm thread and ensure, that the lens can be turned freely without twisting the cape.
  • The optical front port offers perfect spray-protection for the lens, but, if required, it can be removed within a second.
  • The viewfinder extends to the outside of the cape and sealed by means of elastic cuff. The viewfinder can be moved up and down, as usual.
  • The rain- and sun-shield supplied with the cape will protect the front lens and port from that odd drop of water and is fully adjustable and removable.
  • Tapes and batteries can be changed within seconds.


The special, patented ewa-marine adapter system (included with every housing) secures the lens to the housing's front port (made from special, hardened, optical glass).

The set includes a reduction adapter AR77-82mm and system-rings ARS82 for 82mm filter thread, and ARS95 for 95mm filter thread.

As an option we can also supply the system-ring ARS94 for a 94mm filter thread.

ewa-marine ARS System

Our rain capes are available in the colours titan-grey (standard), royal-blue and neon-red. For other colours or to have your studio-logo printed onto the hood, please enquire separately.

Actually, it's not in a box at all. We sell this unit in a handy, yellow, nylon carry bag. This bag is ideal to store and transport your ewa-marine housing, it also helps reduce unnecessary packaging-waste and as such is part of our amain to help the environment.

In Addition to your housing and closing rail you will get the following with your new ewa-marine:

  • yellow, nylon carry-case
  • sun shade (fits around front port)
  • ARS82 adapter for 82mm filter thread, and ARS95 adapter for 95mmm filter thread
  • RA77-82mm reduction adapter

Should you require a lost or broken part, please contact us via mail:

  • sun shade
  • SF128-cape front port replacement
  • yellow nylon bag


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