ewa-marine C-AF raincape, Camera not included!

ewa-marine C-AF rain cape

A perfect protection against rain, spray, splashed water and dust

order code: C-AF

The C-AF rain cape is the perfect protection against rain, spray, splashed water and even dust, made to fit all SLR cameras (digital and analog) with zoom lenses.

The cape is made of special double laminated PVC and has an integrated optical glass front port.
The camera is fixed directly into the front port by means of the ewa-marine C-A adapter. Due to this adapter system the cape will always remain properly positioned infront of the lens.

Various Zoom and Telelenses can be used with the C-AF raincape (until 300mm focal length). All filter threads from 49mm to 62mm are supported with a C-A adapter as a standard. You can also order a special C-A adapter for lenses with 67mm filter thread diameter as optional accessories.

We also offer a rain cape for lenses with a 72mm, 77mm or 82mm filter thread which is called C-AF100.

You can use the camera with the C-AF cape on a standard tripod if necessary or desired.

The C-AF raincape can also be closed by means of press studs and a zipper to allow maximum protection or for transport. Under normal operation conditions, one would insert the right hand into the cape for finger tip control, while supporting the camera with the left hand from the outside.

length: 30 cm (11 3/4 inch)
width: 18 cm (7 1/8 inch)
height 10 cm (3 7/8 inch)
diameter frontglass: 75 mm (2 15/16 inch)
max. filter thread diameter: 67 mm
weight: 180 g (0,4 lbs)

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