camera to lens Step-Up ring
Step-up ring

ewa-marine, made in Germany since 1947

ewa-marine step-up rings

to connect a lens to an adapter with a different filter thread

order code: see below under "different sizes of our step-up rings with order codes"


If you own an SLR or other interchangeable-lens camera system, the chances are you own more than one lens. And there is a good chance the filter thread diameter of one or more of your lenses differ from that of the other lenses. For example, one lenses might have the very common 58mm thread sizes, while another lens might have one of the other industry standard 49mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77m or 82mm thread size. Some manufacturers, like Sony, will even have very "exotic" diameters, like a 40,5mm filter thread. The more lenses you own, the more likely you are going to be faced with this situation.

Naturally we only supply our housing with the relevant adapters to fit the expected majorety of cameras that the housing is desigend for. Shipping the housing with adapters that are redundant to nearly all customers would only increase the price and cause unnecessary waste. Should you own a less common camera or have a lens that has a filter thread that a certain manufacturer is using for one specific lens only, you might need an adapter to fit the camera into your ewa-marine housing or rain cape.

Once you have one of these step-up rings you will find, that they can not just be used for the ewa-marine products. You can also use them to share expensive, high qualety polarizing-, uv- and other filters between you lenses, saving you having to buy more than one and saving you money.

The starting point to configure a step-up ring system is to establish a pecking order from widest diameter thread size to the smallest. As an example, if you own three lenses — one with a 62mm thread, another with a 67mm thread, and a third with a 77mm thread — and you want to use them all in one of the ewa-marine housings with a SF100 front port. IN that case you should already have an ewa-marine CA77 adapter and  will need a pair of step-up rings, 67-77mm and 62-67mm, the ewa-marine RA 67-77 and RA 62-67 as listed below.

Our step-up ring adapters are available in different sizes.


  • RA 25-37:     25mm-37mm
  • RA 27-37:     27mm-37mm
  • RA 30,0-37:  30,0mm-37mm
  • RA 30,5-37:  30,5mm-37mm
  • RA 34-52:     34mm-52mm
  • RA 37-52:     37mm-52mm
  • RA 43-52:     43mm-52mm
  • RA 46-52:     46mm-52mm
  • RA 49-58:     49mm-58mm
  • RA 52-58:     52mm-58mm
  • RA 58-62:     58mm-62mm
  • RA 62-67:     62mm-67mm
  • RA 67-77:     67mm-77mm
  • RA 72-77:     72mm-77mm
  • RA 72-82:     72mm-82mm
  • RA 77-82:     77mm-82mm
  • RA 82-95:     82mm-95mm