ewa-marine AV110 autofocus adapter

ewa-marine AV110 autofocus adapter

- ensures a fixed connection between housing´s front port and tripod thread under camera body

order code: see below under "different versions of the A110"


The AV110 was developed for the use of auto focus lenses in the U-A... series of ewa-marine housings. The function of the AV110 is to ensure a fixed and rigid connection of the housing's front port to the tripod thread under the camera's body. This then allows the autofocus to lengthen or shorten the effective length of the lens without beeing effected by the surrounding water. Without the AV110 the lenses motor would have to "pump" air from the rear of the housing to the front, and vice versa, during focussing. This definitely exceeds the design specification of the motor and could lead to damages of the lenses mechanics.


AV110 as supplied in the D-A, U-B, U-A and U-AX (System length: camera /lens max. 170 mm)

AV110-D * as formerly supplied in the D-A and D-AX. For cameras where the tripod mount is not in line with the lens (as is the case with some smaller digital cameras) *

AV110-P For the use with cameras that have a large body (eg. the Canon EOS1 or Nikon F5) in the ewa-marine U-AXP and U-BXP housing (System length: camera /lens max. 170 mm)

AV110-L For the use in conjunction with large zoom lenses (eg. 300 mm focal length) in the ewa-marine U-AZ and U-BZ housing (System length: camera /lens between 170 and 230 mm)

AV110-V For the use in conjunction video cameras that do not have a filter thread. It is required to install these camcorders into one of your rain capes (VC-1S, VC-1M or VC-1L)

The AV110 was developed from the predecessor, the AV100. Housings that were designed for the AV100 can also use the AV110. Older housings, that were supplied with the AV90 can not use the AV110! (please note, spare parts for the AV90 are still on stock, if required)

* Please note that this product has been discontinued due to diminishing demand. Check with your dealer if he still has stock.

Sketch adapter


1. short spacer
2. long spacer
3. curved spacer
4. bottom plate
5. front ring
6. tripod screw
7. assembly screw with washer
8. connecting rods

Please note:This assembly is that of the standard AV110, The AV110-P (as used in th ewa-marine U-AXP) and the AV110-L (as used in the ewa-marine U-AZ) differ in some points and and may have different and additional spacers, as required for these housings.

Always assemble the AV110 in such a way, that the center of the cameras lens is directly in the center of the front ring. To achieve this, use the combination from the above sketch, or, if necessary, use different spacer combinations to achieve the desired result.

Always check, that there is enough space between the lens and the front port when assembled. This will be necessary to allow the auto foucs to operate the lens without it actually touching the front port. The distance between the lens and the front port should be, depending on the lens, between 5 and 20 mm (0,2 and 0,8 inches).

Here a selection of possible assemblies (other versions are possible, depending on your camera:


assembly instructionsassembly instructions 2assembly instructions 3