ewa-marine Front Port
We can supply a customer specific front port
made in Germany by ewa-marine
made with optical grade glass port

ewa-marine customer specific front port

For special camera / lens combinations not covered by our standard range

order code: special order

We strive to cover all the "normal" cameras and lens combinations as well as the "usual" applications with our official, comprehensive range of under water housings. For example, under water camera work usually delivers the best results with wide angle lenses. As a result most of our products are geard for these kind of lenses.

Never the less, special scenarios can result in the requirement to use a specific camera / lens combination. Especially, if the camera accepts interchangeable lenses. Or in some cases wide angle or 3D converters that you might wish to add to your standard camera. Adaptations to the lens port can, normally, be done relatively fast. Larger modifications, for larger batteries, remote controls and other extras that you would like to have inside the housing together with your camera, could require more time.

This is no real problem for ewa-marine and our flexible housings:
We should be able to help in most cases!

Whether the lens you plan to use is longer, shorter than the one we normally ship. Or if the diameter of the lens is larger than the 82mm filter thread we normally offer on the housing of you choice. We can modify a housing to suit your needs at short notice! But, keep in Mind: ewa-marine manufactures all its products in our factory in Wolfratshausen, Germany. So please keep in mind transport costs as well as customs delays that can apply for shipments to customers outside the EU.

Please contact your local dealer, distributor or call the factory for more details on delivery times and how to order.
Always add full details, model number as well as a PDF or link to the manufacturers page, about the accessories that you want to include to your initial correspondence.