Buying ewa-marine otside the EU, USA, Norway, Switzerland and UK

To provide the best and fastest service, sales and servicing of ewa-marine products is conducted fom the factory in Germany. We have a dirstribution partner in the US, RTS, who sells via US camera stores. Whre as we will service European customers directly from the factory via our own online store,

So, should you be interested in buying ewa-marine products from outside the EU, USA, EEA or UK, please contact us via the contact form on this homepage.

ewa-marine GmbH is a German company based in Bavaria. All our products are made in our own factory in Wolfratshausen (just south of Munich, Bavaria). Due to the changes in the camera market over the last few years as well as the effects of COVID-19 on the travel and diving industry, we have decided to revise our sales and distribution startegy as of 2022. As of this year, we will be selling directly from our factory to our customers outside of North America.

We are convinced that the new system will be able to provide a better and faster service to our end customers and will also be able to provice better, individualized sollutions. Please conatct us, if you have any problems.

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To buy ewa-marine in the US and Canada:

RTS Inc.

1395 Lakeland Avenue #34
New York, 11716
Phone (631)242-6802




To buy ewa-marine in the EU, Switzerland, Norway or UK:

To provide the fastest and most efficient service, please use our online shop under that sells ewa-marine and other high-quality underwater photography accessories directly from the factory in Germany.

shop and buy ewa-marine online in EuropemarinSolar, the ewa-marine factory outlet

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