SLR housing for with glove

For your kind of application, we would recommend one of the following ewa-marine housings, depending on the lens you have and intend to use. Both housings are designed for cameras like the Canon EOS 1D or 5D, 80D, the Nikon D510 or D5 and the Leica S-Series:



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ewa-marine U-BF100 for use with short lenses. Normaly these woudl be fixed focus lenses.


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ewa-marine U-BFZ for use with larger, longer zoom lenses.


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If you want to use multiple bodies in the housing, please keep in mind, that you can always use a smaller boddy in a larger housing. But using a large body in a housing that we consider too small will likely lead to the housing failing some time in the future, even if it seems to work, with a squeeze, the first few times.
Using a smaller camera in a larger housing poses no risks, but will defenitely decrease ease of handling and ergonomics a bit.