Am Strand mit ewa-marine in den 1970er Jahren.
Picture from a 70's brochure showing one of our Super8 underwater housings
ewa-marine rated to a dive depth of up to 10m / 30ft

ewa-marine Super 8

Underwater housings for Super 8 film cameras

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Super 8mm film cameras were first produced by Kodak in 1965 for their newly introduced amateur film format, the Super8 film. The system was available until the advent of video cameras, in the late 1970s, but still dominated the recreational movie market way into the 1980s. And even today some enthusiasts have remained faithful to this format and unique style.

The Super 8 cameras were the first cameras for which we launched our flexible underwater housings under the brand name "ewa-marine" back in 1969. Please note, the manufacture of these housings was discontinued a long time ago. We don't have any stock left at the factory. Never the less, some local dealers might still have stock and you will find them on platforms like ebay on a regular basis.

Here is an overview of the underwater housings for Super 8:


ewa-marine USU-S

Agfa Movexoom, Mos6

Bauer A580, A512

Bolex 660, 680

Canon 512XL, 518, 814

Elmo 106, 108, 311

Eumig 830, 860, 880

Minolta D8, D10

Nizo 481 - 801


ewa-marine U-KU-K

Bauer C1, C108, Compact 3XL

Canon 310XL 318M, 514XL

Eumig mini 5 macrozoom, 125XL, 128XL

Minolta XL401, XL601

Nizo S1, S2, S30, S106XL - 206XL etc.


ewa-marine U-NDU-ND

for Super8 Soundcameras


Bell & Howell


Canon 814 XLE




Nizo 801, Professional






ewa-marine U-NDKU-NDK

for Soundcameras

Bauer C104/107/109 XL, S204/207/209 XL, 2035 XL, S305 XL, S407/409 XL, C500/700 XLM, S609 XL

Eumig 128 XL

Nizo Integral 5,6,7,10 etc.



ewa-marine U-SLU-SL

Agfa Movexoom Mos10

Bolex 280, 450, 480

Canon 1014E


Minolta D12




ewa-marine U-BRU-BR

Beaulieu 3008MS, 5008 S/-MS1, 6008S, 6008Pro

Canon 514XLS, 814XLS, 1014XLS



ewa-marine U-BRSU-BRS

Beaulieu 1028XL 60, 6008 S/-Pro

Nizo 6056, 6080

+60m cartridge (Schneider Superwide-Lens III possible)




Agfa Miniflex

Bolex 233, 350

Eumig mini3





Beaulieu 4008 ZM II/4




Nizo 2056, 3048, 4056, 4080, 6056, 6080



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