The camcorder moves inside the housing

How can I stop it?

As most of our products were designed to fit a multitude of similar camcorders and cameras, it can happen, that in your case the camcorder seams to be lose in the housing and actually moves around by itself! Although the fit should be lose, to allow for safe and easy access as well as a reservoir of air, the camcorder should definitely not move.

In most cases the solution can be found by positioning one of the foam pads supplied behind or next to the camcorder. Feel free to add additional padding (which will double as shock protection on land)

In some cases it can be owed to too much air in the housing. Close the housing lightly and press it gently against your chest to allow the excess air to escape.

But please note:
NEVER open the housing under water!

And remember to leave some air in the housing to be compressed as you dive.