Condensation on the inside of the front port

How to stop condensation from forming on the inside of the front port?

When you insert your camera or camcorder into the housing, you are also "inserting" fresh and usually moist air. If you then enter water that is slightly cooler then the air above it, this will cause the air inside the housing to cool as well and as cool air can carry less moisture, drops of condensation can appear on the front port or the camera.

This can be alleviated by adding a drying agent into the housing (ewa-marine CD-5). Many of our housings have a special pouch for the CD-5 or just insert it next to the equipment. As the silica needs some time to act, give it about 10-15 minutes after closing the housing before entering the water.

Also try to find a dry place to install the camera into the housing: preferably cooler than average air-conditioned) and away from open water.

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