Does the same housing still fit?

My camera has an additional letter behind the model name not mentioned in your type list.


The actual letter might differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. If we take a Sony camcorder like the Sony HDR-SR12 as an example, you might see a version called HDR-SR12E and then a version called HDR-SR12P or HDR-SR12U

The "E" is an internal code used by Sony that shows them the unit is intended for the European market. The "E"-versions have the CE stamp that is obligatory for the EU and have appropriate language manuals for Europe. For example the "P" (=Pacific) or "U" (=North America) versions might not have an CE stamp and will have different language manual versions in the packaging to suit the markets they are intended for. You will also struggle to get any customer service for non "E" versions in Europe. Also only the "E" versions have a two year warranty as stipulated by EU consumer protection laws. Other versions tend to have only a limited twelve month warranty.

Except for these legal and administrative details, the camcorders are the same.

In addition to the above, some hard drive camcorders also receive a special, additional letter to indicate a version of the same camcorder with a different sized hard drive. Again, the camcorder is the same. Even the physical dimensions of the internal hard drives are the same. Only the capacity of the hard drives differ.

For that reason we tend to ignore these internal manufacturer codes that have been added to the model name.

Adding these irrelevant codes would only clutter the cross reference data bank and reduce user friendliness.