"Dome-port" for underwater camera work

Shouldn't I be using one ?

In short: No.

And why not?

Firstly: Although dome ports are advantageous for the thick glass ports used in hard housings, ewa marine can use a relatively thin front port in comparison, as ewa-marine ports operate under a zero pressure difference whereas hard housing ports have to survive up to 6 bar in pressure difference. Thus ewa-marine front ports due not suffer the same bad distortion caused by the thick ports which hard housing ports have to use. And there is therefor not the same need to compensate strong distortions by thick flat front ports and to compensated these by use of said dome ports.

Secondly: The price of a decent dome port exceeds that of your ewa-marine housing by far. A dome port is a luxury accessory for upmarket under water housings to ensure prefect proportions in under water and half/half, over/under water photos. Normally these require a very high proficiency in camera work as well as manual setting of the camera and lens. This is not the kind of application your ewa-marine housing is designed to cover.

ewa-marine offers a cost effective housing for autofocus camera work. The dome port would add costs to our housing, which does not offer the perfect manual control features to utilise the advantages of a dome port.