How durable are these protecting-housings?

As with so many things:
Durability depends on the user...

Although our products generally have no moving parts, you will expose them to a very aggressive environment. A little tender love and care will be well rewarded and give you many years of pleasure.

Don't just throw the housing into your garage, cellar or attic after you've returned home ! If you've been in salt water, please rinse the housing with (luke warm) fresh water at the end of the day. Put a drop of oil onto the tread of the closing rail screw before putting it back into storage. And be careful of sharp corral, wrecks, diving knifes and nails and splinters sticking out of the jetty.

We regularly meet people at shows who still own and happily use housings from our first year of manufacturing these products. Model year 1970.

 How long will you be using your housing?