Maximum depth allowed

How deep can I dive with these flexible housings ?


For each average camera / camcorder the following maximum depth has been tested and is recommended:

video-houings max.:                  10m / 30ft.

compact housings max.:            10m / 30ft.

manual SLR housings max.:      10m / 30ft.

digital / AF SLR housings max.: 20-50m / 60-150ft.*

ewa-sports DUS range max.:     100m / 300ft.

(* depending on model, as per our type-lists)


The depth given for each housing is a maximum figure, which should not be exceeded. The protecting-housing will not start leaking at greater depths, but the handling of the camera / camcorder will be restricted. As the water-pressure increases, the foil wraps around the camera like a skin. Due to this, the foil can start to press the start-/rec-button, other buttons or even stop the tape from moving (in the case of camcorders). Stop the descend immediately! As you go back towards the surface, the pressure decreases and all should go back to normal.