BV2 video lead (follow image link to learn more about it)
BF1 photo lead (click on the image link to learn more about it)

Photo- and video-lead

What they are and which ones fit your housing.


ewa-marine has developed special photo-, BF1 and video-, BV2, lead weights to be used in conjunction with our housings. These weights can be used to trim the housing to be neutral at a depth predetermined by the diver.


The video leads can either be inserted into the housings or strapped to the belts fitted under some units. (please do not hang lead to housings that are not in the water. This will cause unnecessary extra wear to the housing an decrease its life expectancy. Clip the weights on as the housings reach water level) These lead weights are also suitable for use with the U-AXP autofocus SLR housing.

The photo lead has the same shape as the foam included in the U-A, U-AX, U-AXP and U-AZ. This foam piece can be replaced by the lead. The BF1 is coated with a soft latex to ensure, that it will help protect your equipment.

Both weights are covered in a special latex to ensure that the can not leave any marks on or scratch your camera.

Please note, that the flexible housing behaves just like the organs of a diver with regards to water pressure. As stated by the law of physics of Boyle-Mariotte (pressure x volume = constant) the volume of air in the housing (just as that in the lungs, diving jacket and the air inclusions in the diving suit) decreases as it descends. In other words, a housing that is positively buoyant on the surface will be neutral at a certain depth and thereafter even show a tendency to sink. This point can be "adjusted" by adding weights to the housing, the amount of air included in the housing and some practice...