What if my housing gets damaged?

Is it still possible to repair it ?

In most cases we are able to repair any damage caused by wear and tear as well as force. (alas, no repair will be possible, if an attempt has been made to glue the housing. Glue damages the molecular structure irreversibly. In case of an emergency only the use of silicon-glue may be used to seal the housing provisionally) Please send the damaged housing to the following address with a note explaining the problem.

In case of shipments from outside the EU, mark the parcle "damaged goods for repair by manufacturer" and state a value of US$ 1,-- or Euro 1,-- for custom purposes. If you insist on declaring the price you paid for the unit when you bought it, we will have to pay a non refundable customs duty af around 30,- Euro / US$. Money wasted, as a leaking under water housing is of no use and therefore worthless in every meaning of the word (practically and therefore also commercially)

Also include payment for the return shipment or your UPS, DHL or FedEx customer account number

ewa-marine GmbH
Customer Service Dep.
Hans-Urmiller-Ring 14
D- 82515 Wolfratshausen

Please test the housing about 4-6 weeks prior to that dream holiday. That way, should damage have occurred since you last used your housing, we will be able to receive your housing, repair it and return it before you leave.