UW-colour correction filters

When and how should they be used ?

UW-colour correction filters can be used in conjunction with photo and video equipment to markedly improve the quality of the results. Water changes the natural colour balance and even at very shallow depth starts to remove the red light. The result are those well known bluish pictures of under water photography. The reddish UW-colour correction filters help solve this dilemma reintroducing the red just as the light is about to enter the lens.
The colour and other properties of the water will, alas, also influence its filter properties. We differentiate between "blue" (in the tropics) and "green" (in lakes and the sees of the temperate zones, including the northern Mediterranean) water.
For this reason, ewa-marine has developed two distinct UW-colour correction filters:

FUW-b for blue water

FUW-g for green water

Both systems come with the following filter threads:

37mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 62mm, 67mm

The autofocus will register the light about two settings lower with the filter in place. So there should be as much light as possible, e.g. around noon. Also do not try to use the filters above a depth of 5m (15 ft), where there is still enough light for conventional work.

Please note: Do not take any pictures with a flash or other external light carried by the diver while the filters are in place, as they will turn out overly orange.

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