#Relaunch of the official, all new ewa-marine homepage

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ewa-marine homepage 1998
Screenshot of our first 1998 homepage

We’ve been online since 1998

ewa-marine might not have been the first company to have an online presence, but we were most definitely not one of the last. We went online back in May 1998 with this lovely little site under www.ewa-marine.de :

Just a quick overview of our products on a total of 14 pages. Seven in English and seven pages in German.
And all of them basically “hand written” in what was then known as MS FrontPage Express.

Those were the days when you told people that they would find your details on the company homepage only to get a sympathetic smile and be told, that they had no internet access and didn’t see any need for it either.

Times changed and the internet grew in popularity. Frames were added. And the inevitable “blinking” GIFs that ware all the fad in the early 2000s. New software was acquired and the site became more and more complex. And pages were added and added as it grew.

Hompage rebuilds in 2007 and 2017

ewa-marine homepage 2013
Screenshot of the 2013 homepage version

Then, back in 2006 it was decided that we would need a so called CMS / content management system to be able to provide a homepage with the features the visitor required. Things like “search” as well as better multi-lingual and page administration. A lot of time was invested and in November 2007 the new site, based on Typo3, was relaunched.

But we were not the only ones to do a launch back in 2007. Apple launched its first iPhone that year. A device that fundamentally changed the way we interact and browse online. We also all started to replace our cathode ray tube monitors, with a 4:3 display, with newer LCD monitors and a 16:9 display. Not to mention, that range of available software changed over the years that followed as well.

As a result we decided to start preparing another relaunch, on a new CMS platform, in 2015. Work started shortly after.

And, finally, January 2017 marks this relaunch of our new homepage version 3.0. We tried to keep it easy to use and yet informative. Some of those features will be clearly visible to the regular visitor, like the new menus. Others, like the scalable design, the mobile friendly version, better SEO and other neat features are created by little tools and software in the back end and most probable will go unnoticed. Never the less, they should make the visit a lot more pleasant for you.

The redesigned pages are now available in English under www.ewa-marine.com and in German under www.ewa-marine.de