ewa-marine U-F for manual SLR cameras
ewa-marine U-F underwater camera housing for dSLR
ewa-marine U-F for manual SLR cameras
ewa-marine rated to a dive depth of up to 10m / 30ft

ewa-marine U-F

Underwater housing for SLR cameras without autofocus

order code: U-F

This is the oldest SLR uw-housing in our range, the original version of the U-F dating back to the early seventies. Alas, the current version only shares the basic, external shape with that original version. The material, port, closing rail, glove and basically every other details were subject to the continual improvement process that is part of our manufacturing philosophy and has evolved and improved in numerous iteration over the years.

It is ideal for use on small boats, in the surf, underwater portraits, swimming, snorkeling or diving. It is easy to operate the camera as its various components and buttons can be operated through the PVC. The original U-F SLR underwater housing was desigend at a time when analog film still had to be transported by hand between each shot and autofocus was a concept that was in the realm of science fiction. As a result it has a "glove" to allow acces to the film transport (normally done with the right hand thumb), shutter release and lens control.

Although this unit was designed for analog cameras, a growing number of users with mirrorless system cameras, such as Olympus, Sony and Fuji, have come to appreciate its advantages when it comes to lens operation, especially in underwater portrait photography.

The U-F is designed to fit almost all mechanical, analog SLR cameras without autofocus or automatic film transport, irrespective of the manufacturer or model. With this housing, a whole new world of applications opens up for your standard camera: Inside the housing you can now take the camera safely canoeing, snorkeling or even diving, up to a depth of 10 m / 30 ft. The limiting factor is caused solely due to operating difficulties of the hand in the glove below this depth.

Click, if you need help to find the right housing for your camera, lens and application.

Please note: large, modern digital SLR cameras will not fit into this housing. They are too big.

The U-F is a practical, "all-round" housing that is primarily intended the be used while swimming, snorkeling and other, general water sports. While it can also be used for scuba diving, the U-F is limited to 10m / 30ft. A depth where you also can still take pictures with ambient, natural light. Since underwater photography generally requires the use of wide angle or macro lenses and thus shorter lenses, the lens tubes on the housing is kept rather short.
Depending on your application but the following products offer a better solution:

  • U-FX:   similar to the U-F, but for use with an external, top mounted flash
  • U-FXP: similar to the U-FX, but for use with an external, side mounted flash
  • U-FGM: similar to the U-FXP, but for use with an external, long, high mounted flash

Please note: large, modern digital SLR cameras will not fit into this housing!

Designed specifically for dSLR cameras without autofocus or automatic film transport, the ewa-marine U-F underwater housing is manufactured from our special, double laminated PVC and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass as a front port. With this housing you will receive a set of adapters that fit the filter threads of the most popular lenses on the market today. By means of this adapter the camera is then docked into the housings front port, ensuring that the lens remains parallel and centered behind the front of the lens. Just as if it were a clear, neutral optical filter.

It has a pair of non-corrosive and seawater resistant clamping rails which fit together for perfect sealing.They tighten by means of three screw knobs. There is also the practical, adjustable carry strap on the clamping rail.


Actually, it's not in a box at all. We sell this unit in a handy, yellow, nylon carry bag. This bag is ideal to store and transport your ewa-marine housing, it also helps reduce unnecessary packaging-waste and as such is part of our amain to help the environment.

In Addition to your housing and closing rail you will get the following with your new ewa-marine:

  • manuell for ewa-marine housing
  • CA-adapter-set for 52mm, 55mm, 58mm and 62mm filter thread
  • grip ring to assist in lens focus
  • sachet of Camera-Dry silica-gel

Should you require a lost or broken part, please contact us via mail:

  • 230/3 closing rail
  • set of 3 knurled nuts for closing rail
  • SF90 front port replacement (has to be replaced in factory)
  • puncture repair (has to be repaired in factory)
  • yellow nylon bag

Please note:
Some of the older versions of this housings use a velcro system to fixate the camera between the view-finder and front ports. This system can not be repaired, but we can update the housing to our SF90 and CA adapter version.
Similarly housings with the older SF80 front port can only be updated to the SF90 system.

The following list represents some of the cameras that will fit into this housing. But due to the production life of the housing it is not fully comprehensive and will also cover a range of other cameras.

   A-series: A-1, AE-1, AT-1, AV-1, AE-1 Program, AL-1
   F-series: F-1, FX, FP, Pellix, FT QL, Pellix QL, TL,  FTb , FTbn, EF, TLb, TX, F-1n
   T-series: T50, T60, T70, T80, T90

   Fuji XT range of mirrorless system cameras

   Leica M Series
   Leica R Series

   7000, 9000
   super A / super PROGRAM, program A / program PLUS, A3/A3000
   P5/P50, P3/P30, P3n/P30n, P30t
   PZ-10, PZ-1, PZ-20, PZ-50, PZ-1P, PZ-5P, PZ-70
   MZ series
   SFX/SF1, SFXn/SF1n, SF7/SF10
   X-700 series

   Nikon F series (known in Germany for legal reasons as the Nikkor F)
   Nikon F2
   Nikon F3
   Nikon F4
   Nikon F5
   Nikkormat F series (known in Japan as the Nikomat F series)
   Nikon FM
   Nikkormat EL series (known in Japan as the Nikomat EL series)
   Nikon EL2
   Nikon FE
   Nikon FE2
   Nikon FA
   Nikon F-601M (known in North America as the N6000)
   Nikon FE10
   Nikon EM
   Nikon FG Series
   Nikon FG-20
   Nikon F-301

   Pen series (all cameras, analog and digital)
   OM system: M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1N, OM-2 , OM-2N, OM-2S/SP, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4T/Ti, OM-10, OM-20, OM-30, OM-40 , OM-77AF, OM-707, OM-88, OM-101, OM-2000, OM-G, OM-F, OM-PC 

   Spotmatic Series
   K2, KX, KM, K1000  

Pentacon / Praktica
   B100, B200,  BC1, BCA,  BCC, BCS, BMS, BX 20
   DTL2, DTL3
   L, LLC, LTL, LTL2, LTL3
   Super TL, Super TL 500, Super TL 1000
   Alfa range digital, mirrorless system cameras

   Electro-AX, Electro-X
   FR, FR-I, FR-II, FX-1, FX-2, FX-3, FX-3 Super, FX-3 Super 2000, FX-7, FX-7 Super, FX-8, FX-70, FX-80, FX-103, FX-800 Super, FX-A, FX-D, FX-D SE,
   Penta J, J-3, J-5, J-7, J-P
   Pentamatic, Pentamatic II
   TL-E, TL Electro, TL-Electro-X, TL Super
   107MP/TR-7000/Revue AC-7/DAEWOO 107MP, 108MP, 109MP
   200AF, 210AF, 230AF, 270AF/230 Super


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